At the Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership we believe that having a mentor is one of the most important things that can help anyone to achieve their greatest potential and to advance in both their personal and professional life. The value of having a confidante cannot be overemphasised enough as each one of us needs someone to whom we can seek an outside perspective, advice, support, feedback on our ideas, or simply a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear to bounce off our frustrations, hopes and aspirations.
Our Mentoring Programme aims to have mentors from across the globe to impact the lives of each and every girl and woman. Our goal is to make a difference to every girls and woman around the world in order to bridge the gender gap and achieve gender equality by the year 2030.

As more and more women taking their place in the global economy as consumers, producers, employees and entrepreneurs in both developing and developed world t is time that women had the right attributes to sustain their potential in leadership roles.   The deficit of women’s wealth in the decision making process has a profound effect on the equality of people’s lives. Women bring to the decision making table a new perspective to balance the one-sided male perspective and it is our aim to inspire and empower women, including those already working in business, politics, civil society, science and technology an other walks of life to support their growth and impact to contribute effective to the global sustainable development.

Our Mentorship Programme helps mentees with appropriate and much needed advice, encouragement and support in their various fields of expertise including team leadership, team management, communication skills, work and life balance, strategic thinking, career planning and goal setting.